Of course, yes, as the leading enterprise platform in the SMS Marketing industry, textedly SMS marketing services have made it possible for your business to send bulk text messages at once to all your existing and new customers with ease. Besides, at textedly.com, we can customize your texting needs according to your customers’ size so that you can send as little as ten or as large as million text messages with a single tick of a button.

What are the benefits of SMS Marketing Services offered by textedly com?

1. Bulk SMS text messaging services.

It’s the right time for your business to experience the most awesome messaging communication channel in the world. Indeed, this communication channel has successfully enabled many businesses to promote, announce, text advertising, and actively engage with their audience via the text messages on the audience’s mobile phones. All your mass SMS will be delivered to all your recipients, either a small or a large number, within a fraction of a second. You are certain your message will reach your intended recipient since they will receive it directly on their mobile phones.

2. Often, people carry with them mobile phones virtually everywhere they go.

Certainly, this text messaging service platform has made it possible for a business to reach out to their contacts within a second and also engage them at the most convenient time. This has been realized by our remarkably powerful gears of MMS engagement and automated SMS.

3. SMS services customized for your business needs.

Textedly is the most reliable and effective text messaging company in the world. Some of the reasons why we are the leaders of the text messaging industry include the following but not limited to;

  • Our MMS and online SMS mass texting messaging services are exceptionally easy to use. Besides, you’ll get a chance to get the various reports, and also our services are quite affordable yet it’s a very effective communication channel.
  • We charge as little as $26 per month.
  • Get a 20% discount when you choose any of our annual plans.

4. Instantly broadcast your entire text messages at a go.

Within the shortest time possible and with a single touch of the button, you can send your text messages to all of your contacts lists at once without a hassle. Indeed, text messaging is drastically impacted how businesses can effectively communicate to their customers. Text messaging is one of few forms of communication with about 98% read rate within a few seconds of message delivery.