As you search for a payment processing company, you need to consider all the options that you have. Some people think that they need to buy into a massive corporate account that is only available to large companies. You can work with a company that does everything online, and you can even get personal service from these companies. The three things you see below take all the headaches out of credit card payments and processing fees.

1. Low Processing Fees

You could lose a lot of money every month when you are paying processing fees to the card company every month. You might need to pay an extra fee because some card companies want more of your money, and you will never be able to turn a profit. Find a company that gives you low processing fees, explains which cards are free to process, and helps you avoid cards that are too expensive. You make your own policy, and you do not need to copy the shop down the street.

2. Cash Discount Options

If you find a really good payment processing company, they can help you use a cash discount option that helps you save money. These companies show you how you can get your customers to pay cash for a small discount. Plus, you can charge a small percentage to all customers who use credit cards. You get your money back, and the customers get a discount if they pay cash.

However, you cannot do this by yourself. You need to work with a processing company that allows you to do this. They will help you program your registers and set up the system. These companies explain your options, and they even send you a sticker to put in the window.

3. Free Devices

The processing company should give you a free device. They already get some of your money every month to maintain the system. Plus, they still get paid when you process credit card transactions. If they are making money off your business, they should try to give it back with a free device. The device that you get should be easy to install, and it should come with software that you can put on every register.

Plus, your devices should have a simple instruction card that you can leave near the register. Your payment processor should have an online option that uses the same processing fees and programs you get in the store. If the company makes you sign up for two different programs, you should try another company.


The payment processing fee that you pay for every transaction should either get smaller or be eliminated when you find a new processing company. Ask these companies to help you save money, and you should find out if they have a cash discount option. You can revolutionize your business, and you can save money every month. Plus, you should get a free device that is easy to use, helps with online payments, and does not add to your monthly bill.