Though it is not required to hire a disability lawyer to file a disability claim, it is preferable to hire a disability lawyer to file your disability claim. You get higher chances of your claim getting approved. You will also get your benefits easier and faster. 

The Kemtos Law Office have served many disability claims to get to get approved quickly. We provide reliable and affordable services to file your disability claim and get it approved. You can find more details about our services at The following section provides you the various factors you need to consider to choose a good disability lawyer. You can use these factors to judge their performance and abilities in disability law practice.

1. Professional Services.

Attorneys with dedication and commitment tend to display professionalism and courtesy. Your disability attorney should pay attention to your case and display professionalism in every action they take. You should get timely callbacks, updates and guided services to help you in every stage of processing the claim.

2. Ease of access.

You should be allowed to meet your disability attorney without any restrictions. You may not be able to speak to the attorney at your first call, as they are handled by staff. A busy attorney may limit the length and number of consultation you can have.

3. Assured results.

Good attorneys provide you an honest assessment after reviewing your case. They promptly let you know the merits and demerits of the case. They will also admit any delay, if any, in getting your claim approved.

4. Rate of approval.

You can request the claim approval rate of your prospective attorneys. You can get the data to know their efficiency and authority in processing disability claims. A good attorney will be able to promptly share their claim approval rates.

5. Credentials Of Attorney.

Licensed attorney have a better understanding of the social security laws, interpret the status and practice the law.

You can request the years of practice, licensed states, and the ability to represent in federal court. This information helps you understand the credentials of your prospective attorney.

6. References.

A reliable and trusted attorney firms will be able to share references of previous customers. They are confident in their performance and happy to share this data with you.

7. Support and point of contact.

Your prospective disability attorney assigns you a contact person to rely on. They are available to provide you the needed support, answer your questions and keep in touch on a regular basis. You can find the level of support your law firm provides for your case manager. 

The Kentos Law Office provides professional legal services to process your disability claim. We have vast experience and reasonably high approval rates in disability claims.